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Role & Expectations

When you become a Flair Consultant you are part of our National team, in this exciting role you are not only a Flair ambassador but you also represent luxury brands working as a sales consultant in prestigious department stores. This will give you a wealth of experience that looks great on your CV.

The role itself is to promote the brand, selling the products that the brand offers. Your customer service skills will be required to ensure that you provide an excellent experience for everyone you meet during your day. (Click on the link to read the Flair Recruitment Handbook given to all our consultants.)

In this fun environment you will also be expected to look amazing and get on with the people you work with.

Your booking could be to work on a counter selling and promoting products, on a concession within a department store or on a stand-alone boutique. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself if you are looking for a permanent position or simply to gain experience with a variety of brands which will broaden your knowledge and could potentially lead to you becoming one of our most requested consultants.

If you are booked to work on a promotional launch you could be on a site with a team of people in a fun exciting location or you could be by yourself in a store responsible for engaging with customers offering the ultimate brand awareness experience – if you are confident and like to chat this is a great chance for you to be noticed and become one of our top sales people.

Whatever you like… if you have ‘Flair’ we have many opportunities for you. Apply now and see what we have to offer!


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